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Part 1: Today, Paleontologist are separated into two different theoretical belief, the polygenetic and the monogenetic. Henry V. Vallois, a Polygenetic theorist believe that the main three races come from three different sources. White, black and yellow come from Gorilla, Chimpanzee and orang-utan.
The goal of this theory is to back up the assumption of a hierarchy of races base on the idea that there is three distinct origins of modern humanity. Dr Cheikh Anta Diop, a monogenetic, believe that all mankind come from the same origins, in 1951, Dr Diop proves the theory in his PHD thesis at University of Paris, unsurprisingly to him, his thesis is rejected. 3 years later the thesis is published as a book, “Nations Negres et Cultures”, creating much controversy in the scientific world. It is not until 1960 after a long audit against polygenetic ideologist that Dr Diop wins his argument and has his thesis approved.
Thank to the use of carbon 14, He is able to scientifically prove that Africa is the cradle of Humanity. Polygenetic and monogenetic both agree that Africa is the cradle of humanity, but for proponents of Polygenetic theory, Africa is the cradle of Humanity until the stage of Homo-erectus only. Richard Leakey in 1967 finds the oldest homo sapiens fossils in Africa disproving the polygenetic belief that homo sapiens sapiens originated in Europe. He discovers skull Omo 1 and Omo 2, the Uranium/thorium from the lower layer of the site it is found at makes him believe they are as old as 130.000 years.
The first Homo sapiens sapiens in Europe is an invader coming from Africa through Spain, he is known as the Negroid of Grimaldi, It is 32.000 BC. The anti- scientific ideology of polygenetic, attempts to equate the Grimaldi to the Cro-Magnon. The first specimen with a morphology specifically caucasoid appears only 20.000BC in Solutrean, that is to say, 12000 to 20000 years after the arrival of the Grimaldi in Europe from Africa. After approximately 15000 years under the specific conditions of the last glaciation, appears the Cro-Magnon, in result of a chain of mutation and adaptation of the environment by the Grimaldi.
The Grimaldi as shown by the extension of the Aurignacian, has also migrated eastward in Central Europe, to the Crimea, in the Don Basin and probably to Lake Bakail as states Professor Gerasimov: “ It is quite clear that human Upper Paleolithic entered Europe in the territory of Western Europe, already having several variants of culture and specific features of Homo sapiens and showing more or less equatorial features (...) This complex 'négroidity', well expressed, is mostly very clear on the skeletons of Grimaldi.”
The current “Yellow”, chinese and Japanese does not appear until the Neolithic period. With the radiocarbon method, the chinese themselves revealed that the man of Ziyang, originally estimated at 100.000 years, is really 5500 BC. Similarly the man of the upper cave of Zhoukoudian which expert attributed 100.000 years is 16.865 BC. These facts are consistent with historical data from molecular biology.
As far as the Americas, It is only around 15000 BC that the Chancelade man through the Bering strait enters the Americas. According to Jacques Ruffia, citing Masatoshi Nei and A. R Roycoudhury, the separation of racial groups is very old. These authors study genetic between group population; Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. They define the correlation coefficient which can be dated approximately; 120.000 years ago for Negroid, while Mongoloid and Caucasoid separate 55.000 years ago. 120.000 years is an age that agrees well with the appearance of the first Homo sapiens sapiens from Africa in the valley of Omo and in Kanjera.
This is why we can not believe in the polygenetic theory stating that the transition from the Homo-erectus to the pre-sapiens happens in Europe 200.000 years ago. In order to defend this false idea, British Geologist Charles Dawson claims to have discover the fossil skull of piltdown, a false fabricated fossil studied by himself, Smith Woodward, Elliott Smith among other polygenetic fraud. They have the world fooled for almost half a century, Until Oakley, a british scientist of good faith, disprove the theory in 1954 by the determination of fluoride accumulated in the simian jaw attached to a modern look upper skull. It is a fabricated fossil. The theory of pre-sapiens collapse like a house of cards.
The polygenetic theory is nothing but a racist ideology needed for the domination of a certain race on others. An imperialistic idea needed to be believed by all. It is scientifically disproved at every level. The falsification of science is not the only lie that is told to humanity, “ The biggest crime against humanity” in Dr Diop words is the Falsification of history. Starting from the long hidden truth about ancient Egypt and the history of civilization.
Part 2: In Ancient Egypt, science is part of the culture, the domination of the Nile Valley is fundamental for the survival of the Empire, the egyptians are very aware of that. In the 4th millennium BC they invent writing, it represents the end of prehistory.
In 4236 BC Egypt already have a sidereal Calendar based on the star Sirius of the great Dog constellation, the brightest star in the Sky, and her relationship with the Sun. They discover that once every 1460 years, Sirius wakes up at the same time as the Sun, even though the process only last few seconds. Only once every 1460 years and only last few seconds but the Egyptians are up to it. The next year Sirius is a quarter day behind the Sun, the year after that she is a half a day behind and so on, after 4 years she has a day behind. Now instead of adding a day every four years, like the concept of the leap year we know today, the Egyptian decide to add a year every 1460 years. This is 4236 BC, no civilization at this time has a reliable calendar not even Mesopotamia where the King add a month or two every other year in order to stay on track.
The Egyptians are great in Astronomy, it is safe to call the Mesopotamian Astrologist instead of astronomist. Astronomy is only one side of the ancient Egyptian knowledge, by 2778 BC under Pharaoh Djoser, Egypt has extended knowledge in Trigonometry, mathematics, geometry, medicine and much more. In 1930, archeologist and Egyptian scholar, V.V. Struve publishes an ancient manuscript  to the international scientific community
entitled the "papyrus of Moscow".
The papyrus of Moscow is a manuscript full of mathematical equations, some of those equations are known today as the “Thales theorem”, the “Archimedes principle”, the “pythagorus theorem” and so on. In the 2nd millennium BC, hundreds of years before any of the Greek savant are born, the Egyptians write scientific operations in numerous documents, the papyrus of Moscow and the Rhine Papyrus are the most famous ones. Today the papyrus are published and we have them in our disposition.
The truth is that Greece is not a place where innovation is taken well, it is a place of strong control, we all know what happens to Socrates when he decides to think outside of the box. There isnʼt any text written by Greek historian of that period about the great mathematical Greek achievements. No sign of Pythagorus text, only those of his students. Thales donʼt write anything. We find texts from Strabon, Greek geographer, philosopher where he talks about visiting Egypt and being shown the rooms of his compatriot Plato, Eudoxus, Oenopides, Aristotle, Thales, Phytagorus, Archimedes, the Egyptians call them the initiated.
The “Thales theorem”, the “Archimedes principle”, the “pythagorus theorem” to name a few are copies of equation taken from the Egyptian Papyruses. The initiated plagiarized the Egyptian knowledge, testimonies of Greek historians, Herodotus and Diodorus of Sicily reveals it furthermore. That tells us that the lies arenʼt made up then.
A lot of the Egyptian mysterious knowledge is lost when “Cambyses” occupy the territory, he is subject of outburst, rampage, fit of madness, he orders to burn libraries and destroy just about most of the Egyptians accomplishment in over 10000 years of innovations. The remaining Egyptian Architects and workers are sent on Cambysesʼs order to Persepolis in order to build a new capital in Persia. The remaining of the Egyptian knowledge is now in Persia and the Arabic world.
Truth is, After the decline of Greece, Egyptian knowledge is not passed along any further, Humanity experience a Gap in innovation and discoveries. In result, it is not until the 13th century that Portugal and Spain attack the water with the discovery of the compass and the Axial rudder. Why Portugal and Spain, why not Germany or France or even England?
In the beginning of the 8th century, the Arabs invade Portugal and Spain. They come in with Ancient knowledge locked in the libraries in Byzantium and refreshed in Bagdad. They come into spain in year 711 to find the Visigoths dynasty, a semi barbarian dynasty. At that period, before the Carolingian renaissance, Europe is semi barbarian.
The arabs bring in the idea of civilization along with scientific knowledge. They build schools and scientific centers in Spain and Portugal. They remain in Spain for 8 centuries, It is not until 1492 in Grenade that Isabelle de Gastille kicks out the last Arabs legion and fully takes the independence for Spain. She then makes a pact with Christopher Columbus for the conquest of the oceans. The same semi barbarian Spain of the Visigoths dynasty, after 8 centuries of occupation is equipped enough to launch the conquests of the Ocean. Portugal and Spain are respectively the first to travel through the oceans and explore the world in the modern era. So why Spain and Portugal, what do they have that France or Germany or even England doesnʼt that can explain the first modern imperialism, the imperialism of Charles Quint also known as Charles the first?
It is the technology brought and thought by the arabs during the occupation that Spain and Portugal has and no other country in Europe. The arabs create an astronomical center in Toledo, Spain. They introduce the Compass and the Axial rudder, they start to draw the first oceanic maps. The arabs invade Spain and Portugal, Portugal is the first to set itself free from the Saladin occupation.
Europe as a whole wakes up culturally and religiously and offer a dialectical opposition towards the entire Arab world. The song of Roland shows it very clearly, telling the story of Charlemagne fighting with Roland against the Saladin one century after their occupation. That battle represent the spark of the European realization of its individuality, which its literature is a testimony of such.
From here, the European imperialism starts, the discovery of the new land, America followed by the triangular commerce, the slave trade. The imperialist mind understand that he canʼt by any mean necessary let the new colonized civilizations know about the knowledge their ancestor transcended from generations to generations, civilizations to civilizations, country to country. Therefore in the name of power and dominance they commit “the greatest crime against humanity”, in Dr Diopʼs word, “ the falsification of history”. That crime has terrible consequences affecting every single part of the world today, every ethnic, every race, every class, every Human.
Part 3: The polygenetic ideology, the idea that group identities and group characteristics are rooted in biology is often used to justify crimes against humanity. When cultural differences are regarded as natural therefore immutable, drastic and violent responses become more defensible. Viewing racial group as inferior dehumanizes them, and makes violence against them more acceptable.
Comte Arthur of Gobineau's 1855 "Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races" popularizes the idea that social differences are linked to biology, and inspires extensive scientific study of the biological roots of social distinction and identity. Francis Galton, adapts Darwin's ideas on evolution to the study of human development, he argues in 1869 that selective breeding can be used to create a superior race of human beings. He coines the term eugenics for this idea, which later influences the development of Nazism and other genocidal ideologies.
Eugenicists crave blond, blue-eyed Nordic types. This group alone, they believe, is fit to inherit the earth. In the process, the movement intends to subtract emancipated Negroes, immigrant Asian laborers, Indians, Hispanics, East Europeans, Jews, dark- haired hill folk, poor people, the infirm and really anyone classified outside the gentrified genetic lines drawn up by American raceologists.
This ideology, a daughter of the polygenetic ideology, with the help of Charles Darwin theory on evolution and many other scientific and philosopher, is the cause of extreme inhuman acts such as genocides, extermination of entire races, discrimination, segregation among many other factors, without counting individual day to day experiences among each other.
Even the United State Supreme court endorses aspects of Eugenics. In its infamous 1927 decision, Supreme court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writes: “ It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.... Three generations of imbeciles are enough”.
This decision opens the floodgates for thousands to be coercively sterilized or otherwise persecuted as subhuman. In 1933 alone, at least 1,278 coercive sterilizations are performed, 700 of which are on women. The state's two leading sterilization mills in 1933 are Sonoma State Home with 388 operations and Patton State Hospital with 363 operations. Other sterilization centers included Agnews, Mendocino, Napa, Norwalk, Stockton and Pacific Colony state hospitals.
Years later, the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials quote Holmes's words in their own defense. In 1934, as Germany's sterilizations are accelerating beyond 5,000 per month, the California eugenics leader C. M. Goethe returns from Germany, he ebulliently brags to a key colleague, "You will be interested to know, that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought....I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people."
Eugenics is nothing but scientific Racism based on false science. Racism influences the development of the institution of slavery in the Americas in the 16th and 17th century. The assumption that Black is inferior and even subhuman, justifies the extreme brutality of the slave trade, in which Africans are captured and shipped across the Atlantic in terrible conditions leading to the death of millions. Racism justifies colonialism and the massacre and subjugation of native populations by colonial powers throughout much of the world. Spanish colonizers view Native Americans as subhuman, it allows the colonizers to feel justify to enslave and slaughter the Natives. In central and south America, they wipe out the Natives population entirely. The same belief in inferiority of race allows colonist in North America to displace, subjugate and kill Native Americans.
Racism justifies the great hunger of India in the late 19th century, millions of Indian dies, the famine is used as an instrument to validate Social Darwinism, the unfit will not survive. The british create a food shortage, by exporting all the crops from India to Europe and the Americas. By 1877 millions of indian starves, while the food that could have save them, is piled up ready to be shipped out. Through desperation, parents sells there kids for crops, some commits suicide and others are forced into cannibalism. But to Robert Bulwer-Lytton also known as Lord Lytton, It is no more than an unfortunate by product of social Darwinism. He believes they were people condemn to death by nature. His solution offering them very heavy labor work, with specific rules such as, you canʼt work within more than 10 miles from your home, you must walk to work. It is the definition of a concentration camp.
8 million indians dies in the famine of the 1870ʼs but it is not the only famine under the English occupation, there is famine in the 1890ʼs as well as the 1880ʼs. In all 13 millions Indians die of Hunger under the English occupation.
It is just the beginning, Social Darwinism believers are terrified that the inferior people are reproducing faster then the elite. This represents a great danger to the eyes of social Darwinism. This fear brings Eugenics more to life, thanks to Francis Galton, Darwinʼs cousin. As a parenthesis, It is important to acknowledge that blaming Darwin for Social Darwinism would be the equivalent of Blamind Einstein for Hiroshima.
The atrocity starts in Namibia, the first German concentration camp. In 1904 after the ʻhararoʼ and ʻanamaʼ revolt against the german is born the deadliest concentration camp at the time, it is called Shark Island, everyone that goes there know they are going to die. 35000 people are exterminated.
Social Darwinism, Racial science and Eugenics create Shark Island, the 20th century first Genocide. Within Europe, scientific racism and its supporting theories transforms the nature of anti-semitism, providing false scientific justification for the exclusion and persecution of Jews. The ideology reaches its peak when the National Socialist party in germany adopts it. The idea that Jews are not simply believers in a different faith but are a different race who suppose negative characteristic, such as greed and cunning, biological program excluding the possibility of conversion, assimilation or reform. The Nazis come to the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Problem”, ultimately justifying the massacre of six million Jews.
Ideas of racial inferiority and the need to preserve Aryan racial purity are also used to justify the Nazi extermination of about 400.000 Roma people, pejoratively known as Gipsies.
Racism serves as a factor in recent genocides as well. In the early 1990ʼs, Serbian and Croatian leaders in the States of the former Yugoslavia depicts Muslims, not simply as a religious minority but as a non-slavic racial group, related to a much hated turks, who has to be eliminated from the territory in order to purify it. Such beliefs are used to justify ethnic cleansing and ethnic massacres in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In Rwanda, German and Belgian colonizers consider the Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa as three distinct racial groups, an artificial interpretation of ethnic differences that Rwandans themselves come to internalize. Colonial policies regards the minority Tutsi as a superior Hamitic race and give them control over the rest of the population. A Hutu uprising just prior to independence transfers power to Hutu hands, transforming the Tutsi into a persecuted minority.
Hutu extremists ultimately use the idea that the Tutsi are a separate race whose origins lay outside Rwanda to dehumanize the Tutsi and justify the mass slaughter of more than 500,000.
OIn a lower scale, it is imperative to understand that these belief can affect anyone anywhere. In 2012 in Toulouse, Mohammed Merah kills 7 jews. Two soldiers killed on March 15th, one soldier killed on March 11, four killed at Jewish school on March 19th. Same reasoning, same hatred against a specie that he doesnʼt identify with.
April 8th 2012, the authorities say, Mr. England and his friend and roommate, Alvin Watts, 32, waged what city leaders believe is a racially motivated shooting rampage in the predominantly black neighborhoods of north Tulsa early Friday morning, driving through the streets in a pickup truck and randomly shooting pedestrians. Three black people were killed, and two others were wounded in the attacks.
Interestingly, I think the Jews are persecuted for their race, their skin color and their language. They endure insufferable abuse at the hands of the Nazis. Many perish in concentration camps and those that survive suffer psychological scars that exist until now. With all this history of persecution one would think the Israeliʼs would be the advocates for humanity and racial integration. That Israeliʼs would know how dangerous it is to blame a whole race for crime, social degradation or economic strife. Alas I think so until I learn of the violence perpetrated on Africans in Israel.
The UK reports today that Israel has seen its most violent protest against African immigrants in its history. About a 1,000 Israeli protesters take the streets in Tel Aviv invading Hatikva a predominantly black neighborhood calling for the immediate deportation of African immigrants and asylum seekers. In the South African-styled xenophobic attacks the nationalist protesters ransack the neighborhood as they blame the ʻblacksʼ for the rise in crime.
TJ, a 29-year-old migrant from Nigeria, watches the violent chaos from his rooftop having been chased and pelted with rocks when he attempts to leave his house. "There were protesters everywhere smashing shop and car windows," he said. "A group of about 10 or 15 boys stopped one black kid cycling on his bike. They pulled him off and were punching and kicking him in his head. The police just stood and watched until it got really out of control."
Other witnesses described a gang assaulting a mother carrying a young baby so violently that she was forced to drop her child. Others stopped shuttle buses to search for migrant workers among their passengers.
We are all responsible for racism and segregation. The list goes on and on, injustice, atrocities, all related to racial differences. In the last 3 centuries the number of atrocities is astonishing. They are all based on racial differences. It is not a Black and White thing as the evidence clearly shows, it is a difference problem, and everyone is affected by it no matter what race group they belong to.
The most affected are the working class, the riches live in a different world, a world that is far gone from most people reality but yet, they decide for us all. They understand that they canʼt fight against us all united so they create things to seperate us all.
"Since the situation of the workers of all countries is the same, their interests the same, and their enemies the same, they must also fight together and confront the fraternity of the bourgeoisie of all nations with a fraternity of the workers of all nations." In Karl Marx and Engels words, they give the solution to the main issue. If only we as a whole can clearly see pass the non sense and stick to scientific truths we see that starting from the Polygenetic theory to Racism and segregation, all these ideologies are created to separate and divide the people. The people conscious and together can make the world an equal world where people prosper. We shall not fear each other as we are all the same, living in the same realities.
In the 19th century, Karl Marx predicts the death and failure of a society based on hierarchization of classes; Capitalism. Mao Zedong follows the closest interpretation of Marxism in China, where he preaches equality of all people, work for each other and everyone prosper together. Sounds like Utopia, although it is fair to say that less than 2 centuries later, China is in a much better place than a declining Capitalistic society in tremendous debt like the USA whom chose to go with Hegel capitalistic theories.
Any theory which sole purpose is to divide people in groups is fundamentally wrong, history clearly proves it. The purpose of the first three parts of this documentary is to show that Racism is in fact the most barbaric and primitive act that mankind know today, it is funded on false facts and science proves it.
Today thanks to information, we are transcending into the new kind of man, the Human that is seen only by his mental capacities, we all have brains, the brain is a muscle to develop, information, education, knowledge is key to transcend to a level of knowledge that allows us to understand that we are all the product of our environment; our beliefs, our culture, our faiths and habits are based on what we know, what we are thought. On another note, race is strictly and purely a geographical notion, no race is superior nor inferior to any other.
Racism is ignorance, we imperatively need to educate the future generations from Earth as a whole. Knowledge is key.
Conclusion: Our bodies, the way we look, our religious beliefs, our countries, our likes, our Differences must never be a reason nor an excuses for prosecution, segregation, racism, hatred, or any other crime against Men and Women.
All that matters is what we have in our heads, As we evolve, our individual survival as well as the survival of Mankind, depends on our intelligence. It is imperative that we educate our future generation, let them know the truth so we can be all one and grow as a specie. We are always and have always been creatures of adaptation, today represent a major turn in Mankind history, Technology is at its best. Some of us will adapt the rest will perish.
There is only one way to stay on track, stay creative, acquire Knowledge through education. It is all about evolving, upgrading, one can never upgrade a field if He doesnʼt study the field from A to Z first. This is why education for all is key.
Maba Ba


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