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Mirror Projections




We live in one earth but within this earth their are at least as many worlds as their are people. We all live in our respective world(s), the people and entities in it play a specific role given by us.


Some inspire us, some sadden us, some make us dream others hurt us etc... The truth is, it doesn't matter what people do, what matters is how we decide to deal with it, how we decide their actions affect us.


No matter what, it is your world. It is up to you how things in it affect you. As you are reading this, I am playing a part in your world. It's up to you if I inspire you, awaken you, make you smile, make you hate, make you happy, sad etc... The important fact to take out of this is that however I affect you through these words, however you feel reading this has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with you.


"Everything in your outside World represents something within You."


That's how we make sense of things, we find how they relate to us, that's why stories are so powerful, When a story is told, it is interpreted as many times as it is seen or heard by as many people. Everyone has their take on it based on who they are and how they relate to it. For example, notice how the same movie or Art piece can mean something totally different to you depending at what point of your life you experience it. Hopefully this is the case for everyone, otherwise it would mean that you didn't change... The point is that we make sense of things based on who we are, what we know.


That is also how we try to define others, we have to put everything within the categories that make sense to us, people surrounding us represent what we want them to represent in our world depending on who we are.


It is usually easier to be afraid and push away, so you will hate and envy most, or surround yourself with people that make you feel confortable, maybe because you can control them, or because you are higher then them according to your scale, whatever the reason is... it's a little scarier to open up and love so you will love few. You will project your fears on others, some will remind you what's possible, you might take it as inspiration or just repulse it and hate on it due to your fear of being great yourself or failing at it.


"Our outer world is an ensemble of projections of our inner self"


Everything you feel towards people and things in your world is a projection of how you feel about yourself in some way.


I am not saying that the people and entities around you aren't real and living their own lives regardless of you, I am saying that the way their actions and behaviors affect your world is based on who you are.


I am who I am but whatever that means to you, is based on who you are. Until you know who you are, you will not know why you love or envy me, hate or worship me, pity or despise me etc... Just remember, those feelings are yours, they come from you and they are directed towards apart of yourself, I am just the white sheet on which you are projecting the movie of yourself.


Everyone has everything in them, everyone is good, bad, innovative, creative, depressive, lazy and so on. I might be reminding you of something you feel you have or lack, but how I make you feel is based on who you are, and hopefully who you decide to be.


Maba Ba



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