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Below is a visual explanation of the prior document, 9 = ∞.

Look at this line in figure A. If we were to travel along that line we would at some point reach the end of it. We would start at the red dot and finish at the blue dot or vice versa. This is an Open Line.




















In Figure B, The line connects on the red dot, we can infinitely travel along that line and never stop. We will always pass the beginning again, our beginning, our first point of departure, in this case, the red Dot.




















I used circles to make it easier visually but the line can be as intricate as possible it doesn't matter, as long as it is a closed line we can infinitely travel on it, and we will always go back to our point of origin. See figure C




















This visual example is to illustrate the theory of the number 9, representing Infinity as always going back to the beginning. As explained in the previous document, when added to any number, using the principle explained in the prior document, (9 = ∞), the result behave just like a closed line. No matter what number is added to 9, the result will always be equal to the original number used for the addition at the first place. We always go back to the starting point.


This is very much like traveling along a closed line and always returning to our red dot.

If multiplied by any number, 9 will always result to 9 using our principle illustrated in the prior document. This would be the equivalent of multiplying/duplicating our closed circle, it would only create more infinities. Infinities that obey to the same principles. See figure D.



















What if Infinity is forever returning to the beginning.

If one travel along the same road everyday, they may look at the road and its surroundings the same way everyday, that is sad. If one is observant, the road and its surroundings will bring something new every single day. Just because we travel along the same line doesn't mean things don't change. Perspectives change, we miss things most of the time, that's why it takes practice and repetition to become good at anything and yet we don't master anything, records are always being broken, and will forever be broken.


The infinity that defines our world is going back and repeating, over and over again.

Infinity is always coming back to the source... 9 = ∞.



Maba Ba



9 = ∞, A visual explanation

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